Group Set Up

For all classes/schools who joined the Group Set Up System for The Postcard Project, your groups and their contact details have now been emailed out to you.  You can start connecting with others as soon as you like!

Group Set Up has now closed and will reopen again in December.

If you missed the deadline for joining the group set up system, you can still join the self directed system any time.

Enjoy the project!

The Postcard Project Revamped for 2013!


Earlier this year, I sent out a google doc form asking for feedback from Postcard Project users past, present and future to get your views on what worked well but more importantly how I could make the project work more efficiently and easily for YOU!

I really appreciate the time people took to give their feedback and as a result I’ve made a few changes.  Below are details about how I’m going to trial the new improved Postcard Project.  I’ll see how it works until the end of the year and if it’s a success then I’ll keep going with the general idea but make modifications as and when they are needed.

So what’s new:

– There will be two ways you can get involved in the project.
1) Self-directed system – you sign up but then manage your own use.
2) Grouping – you sign up and are connected with a group for a pre-specified time period.
You can see the pros and cons of each here: The Postcard Project 2 system pros_cons.

– The self-directed system will use the same spreadsheet style as before so will run in a similar way but I’ve added the following columns: academic year details, when they were last active and their email address.  This will make it easier to connect with others, know when their academic years runs from so you can avoid sending to people who are on their summer holidays and know whether they are still active.

– This blog has been set up.  It will initially just provide a base for information about the project and a way for people to get started. However, interest was shown (from the feedback) with regards to setting a blog up as a way of sharing postcards that were being sent and received so I will trial this too.  So once people have got going, I will give editing rights to this blog so people can post about things that are happening in their class if they want to.


So those are the updates.  Visit the HOW DO I JOIN? page to read the specifics of each system for joining and then use the submenus JOIN: GROUP SET UP or JOIN: SELF DIRECTED SYSTEM to complete the form to join.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you’ve got any questions.